Waterside School Super Heroes Spread the Happiness
“Waterside is so proud to announce it has become the first SEMH Happiness Accredited School in the UK!

Working alongside Shonette Bason and Dr Andy Hamilton, the super hero team at Waterside have worked hard on ‘rippling happiness’ to everyone they encounter, including: how the building looks and feels, how our visitors are treated and encouraged to take away a ‘smile’ made by our super heroes, holding Spread the Happiness Days to engage our parents, staff and super heroes, using Magic Wand Therapy and promoting Happiness Acts in our daily practice – all of which build up the ripple into a wave.

However small, an act of kindness has the powerful effect of changing how we all feel. The ripples can be felt for days and can make a huge difference to all – and especially the more vulnerable within our communities. It can be as simple as genuinely asking a colleague how they are or encouraging parents to put down their phones when collecting their child.

By focussing on #Spreadthehappiness, we have noticed a marked increase in engagement with our most dis-effected families, the attainment and ‘buy in’ of our super heroes has continued to escalate and from a staff view point, we have a very low sickness absence since we focused on our own happiness and well being.

Interested in becoming a Spread the Happiness School?
Why not come and visit Waterside and speak to the team – we would be more than happy to share our journey with you.”

“Shonette will entertain and hold the audience while delivering key messages for your organisation; once seen never forgotten”

-Stephen Javes, Orwell Housing


“Larger than life, Shonette’s brand of ‘stand-up personal development’ will challenge your delegates’ thinking as well as making their sides hurt”

-Andy Cope, Art of Brilliance

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