"My staff loved it and said it was the best course they have been on.  Everyone certainly wore their happy pants yesterday!  Thanks again for a wonderful day!!" Jonathon Cooper


Shonette is strong, funny, compassionate and forthright, having had more than her fair share of life experiences, which she shares readily with poignancy, sprinkled with humour. Her past is the past!


A Motivational Speaker who brings real “Vroom to the Room”


Recognised as one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers, Shonette challenges her audiences to redesign their current and ordinary modes of business thinking, evoking and answering questions while laying down a platform for solutions.


With a dynamic and unique style of delivery, her motivational talks use the infectious nature of human energy as a tool to initiate new and creative areas of thought in her audience.


When your company and team need a mental and physical lift, when you’re ready for something refreshingly different that will impact immediately within your work place, it’s time to call Shonette Bason-Wood, one of the few motivational speakers that will bring real “Vroom to the Room”.


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'Be different, do different and then see different'